Poems and Reviews

Recent Reviews

In Glass: A Journal of Poetry, June 22, 2017
#TBT Reviews Series
Review of Old and New Testaments by Lynn Powell

Recent Awards

2017 New England Poetry Club Gretchen Warren Award co-winner for “Ars Poetica” (first published in Mom Egg Review 2016)
2016 Tiferet Poetry Award for “The Pity of It”
2015 Robert Frost Foundation Honorable Mention for “Enchanted Geese”
2015 New Millenium Awards, Honorable Mention
2013 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, Honorable Mention for “Berkshire Summer”

Poems with online links – some of these also have print journal counterparts, bless them:

2018: Verse-Virtual August, “My Dashiki” and “My Face at 1000 Park Avenue”

2018: Verse-Virtual February, “The Mouse Upstairs”

2018: Redheaded Stepchild, “Hola to Oma

2017: Tiferet Journal Winter Issue, “The Pity of It” (link is to a reproduction and post on Facebook, which includes a link to the full journal PDF)
Winner of the 2016 Tiferet Poetry Award. From judge Leslie McGrath: ‘Hilde Weisert’s “The Pity of It” is both a paean to Frost’s “The Most of It” and a beautifully restrained portrait of an encounter with another moose as the earth sits on the edge of environmental disaster. The poem’s formal constraints and the speaker’s humility make this poem not just memorable, but haunting.”

2017: A very nice post by Irene Willis in October Poetry Monday at International Psychoanalysis, introducing me and three of my poems, “The Certainty of Others” and two poems from the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers / Green Fire Press anthology, Writing Fire. Here’s a post about the origination of those poems.

2017: 5 sonnets from The Scheme of Things in the October 2017 Verse-Virtual with the very nice short review by Alan Walowitz:

Hilde Weisert’s poems are intensely personal and intensively crafted.  Here you’ll find some sonnets, poems with quatrains, and poems that seem to fold tightly in on themselves.  All demand and reward careful reading.  The lead poem, “The Persistence of Roses” is chilling in the way it takes a memory distilled by time and transmutes it into something quite different, but also eerily the same.  And to make the poem more personal and more challenging is the way that in both times—in the past and in the now–the speaker sees herself as both inside and outside.  This is challenging, powerful work.

2016: Plume Poetry Issue #61, September 2016: The Transit Hall on Pier 86 *

2016: Antiphon Issue 18 June 2016: Colt’s Foot (page 34 in the PDF) and an audio version

2015: Qu Literary Journal (from Queens University, Charlotte, NC): The Year of Reading Yeats * and The Best Funeral Ever *

2015: Robert Frost Foundation: Enchanted Geese (with a link to the audio version)

2013: Cincinnati Review blog post about my poem “Mercy” * (published 2013)

2008: “Finding Wilfred Owen Again” * winner of the 2008 Lois Cranston Poetry Prize, published Winter 2009 in CALYX and Summer 2009 in the Wilfred Owen Journal

In the Cortland Review:

“Where We Were and Where We Were Going” * in Prairie Schooner 2009 (link is from Muse Project)

2015: “Smoking Again” in Redheaded Stepchild Fall/Winter 2015. This online magazine only publishes poems that have been rejected elsewhere — what a wonderful idea, and as you’ll see from their site, these are good poems!

In The Sun:

“My Face at 1000 Park Avenue”

“Imagination Itself”*

“One Good New Poem”*

On this site:

“Antonio Carlos Jobim”*

“Aretha on MTV”

“Berkshire Summer”*

Also out recently, print only:

“Ars Poetica,”* Mom Egg Review #14, 2016

“In New England Woods”, Lips #44/45 2016 – Thirty Fifth Anniversary Issue

“The Pity of It”, Tiferet Journal Fall 2016, winner of Tiferet 2016 Poetry Award

Some of my previously published poems – pre-web – are reproduced on the Veterinary Medicine and Literature website and have been used in our classes:

Imagination Itself” and “Guess Work, Scientists, Poets and Bees“*

Coney Island Elegy“* (published in Ironwood)

In anthologies

“Catamount in Conway” and “Arrivals and Departures, South Hadley” appear in the anthology Compass Roads: Poems about the Pioneer Valley, Levellers Press, 2018,  editor Jane Yolen, http://www.strawdogwriters.org/poetry.

“Working It Out,” “For Ilona, My Step-mother,” and “Questions for Our Mothers” appear in Writing Fire: An Anthology Celebrating the Power of Women’s WordsGreen Fire Press, second edition, 2017, editors Jennifer Browdy, Jana Laiz, and Sarah Bateston Brubeck.

* In The Scheme of Things, David Robert Books, 2015

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